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Governments under enormous Pressure

«There are tough times ahead: Social security is at risk! The indebtedness of numerous countries mounted up very fast the last three decades. Since centuries, the national and international Bond Markets serve the nations as major place for (re-)financing their demand for money. However, poor economic prospects have increased the refinancing difficulties dramatically. Many countries are at present not able to attract enough private investors to cover the capital needs in the traditional Bond Market. Central banks have filled this refinancing gap generously to avoid an economic depression. The central banks’ balance sheets ballooned subsequently with the effect that the risk of rising inflation has accelerated markedly (a new threat). The gap between demand and supply for Government Bonds is alarming and tends to widen more and more with unforeseeable consequences. To avoid unknown frictions in the Bond Markets we must find prudent ways to bring capital seeking countries/corporations (debtors) and bond investors (creditors) closer together again. I will do everything in my power to sustain this urgently needed process of ‚rapprochement‘. The bonds between debtors and bondholders must be strengthened significantly: That is – in my view – the cheapest and most efficient way to save the world from falling apart.»

Gion Reto Capaul

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